Email marketing
done right

Build and send gorgeous
emails with ease.

Design: Email marketing at its finest!

Template Builder

Ready, set, build

Monsoon Mail offers the total package in email marketing essentials. Getting started is simple with our template builder. Choose from a range of layouts, then modify colors and add your logo. Once you've set up a template, you can save it to your account, so sending your next email is as simple as adding your content. You can save multiple templates to your account too. But the best part about the template builder might just be that each template is automatically optimized for mobile devices and to look great in every email client.

Now, let's add a dash of content

Once you've designed your template, adding your content is a cinch. Use the content editor to quickly make changes, add links, images, and include advanced content with just a click. And any template you design with the template builder is mobile-ready. So you know it will look great, no matter where your subscribers read it.

  • Pull content from your website with one click.
  • Personlize content for individual subscribers
  • Add other social sharing buttons for Facebook and Twitter
  • All of your images are hosted on our lightning-fast servers

Or, you can start from scratch

If you already have an established email template or design, you can import them with a single click. With another click of your mouse, we'll move all of your CSS inline, so you get the best results in email clients like Gmail and Outlook. You can also use our simple template language to create reusable custom template emails that anyone can update and send.

Sending: Your message delivered, when and how you want it.

A/B Split testing fine tunes your email delivery

A/B Split Testing

Fine tune and optimize the content and delivery of your emails with our split testing tools. You can test subject lines, individual content items, or whole emails. Set up is easy, and after you set a few rules for determining the best email, we run the test. Whichever content or email is performing the best gets sent to the remainder of your subscribers.

RSS to Email

Send email updates to your clients or customers whenever you update your website or blog's RSS feed on an interval you choose. Powerful reporting and analytics allow you see what your readers are most interested in. You can even watch them interact with your email content in real time.

Share your campaigns on social media

Social Sharing

Make it easy for your subscribers to share your campaigns on Facebook and Twitter with our built in social sharing feature. Your readers can like or tweet a link to your email with a single click. We take care of the rest.

You'll also receive an easy-to-read report showing you which subscribers shared your campaign and what they said about you when they did.


Make your customers feel loved with autoresponder emails that can be custom tailored to fit your needs. Quickly build a schedule of automated emails to welcome new subscribers, to send birthday wishes and special offers, or for any other anniversary campaign like a membership renewal. You can send a single email, or a series of emails over time for maximum effect.

See it before you send it

Inbox Preview

Testing your email is essential. Monsoon lets you send test emails to up to five different accounts at a time, with no limits on how often. Plus for just $5, you can see how your email will be rendered by over 20 different email clients (both mobile and desktop). We'll also run your email and subject line through a spam filter at the desktop, server, and firewall levels. With such versatile testing options at your fingertips, you can be sure you're communications will reach your subscribers looking good everytime and everywhere.

  • Over 20 email client previews
  • See your email with blocked images
  • View browser variations
  • Ensure you pass spam filters before you send

Analytics: See how you measure up

Reporting for duty

Get real-time data on each and every email that you send, including who opened it, what they clicked on, who they shared it with and more. Each report offers you a quick snapshot as well as detailed information on your campaign.

    See who is opening your campaign, when, and how often. You can even overlay click data on top your email.

    We make it easy to check out who is forwarding your emails and sharing your campaign on Facebook or Twitter.

    Get reports on which emails bounce and why. And we simplify list cleaning by automatically removing invalid emails.

    Targeting your emails and tracking your campaign's ROI has never been easier because Google Analytics are built right in.

Who is opening your email and where

Map it out

Our interactive worldview shows you who is opening your campaign, clicking on links, forwarding it, liking it or tweeting about your email. The best part is getting to watch all this on a fullscreen world map that you can share. All in real-time!

Know your audience

With just a click, you can view individual subscriber profile information, along with every interaction you've ever had with them. View their location, email client, and even their social media profile photo.

Beautifully simple list management

Grow your lists

Get new subscribers

Adding new subscribers couldn't be easier. First, you select a list that you want to add subscribers to. Then simply copy the code for a button or subscribe page on your website. Can't or don't want to host the form on your site? No problem. We can host your form for you. And your form is customizable, so you decide what information you want

You can also install the app to your to have subscribers sign up from your Facebook page. If you have an iPad, there is even an app named Enlist from our partner, Campaign Monitor, that will turn your iPad into a beautiful subscribe form. It's fully customizable, and can collect emails without an internet connection.

Keep it real

Delivering relevant information is one of the cornerstones to increasing your open rates and ROI for your campaigns. We offer tons of ways to segment your lists, so you can target the people you know will want to read your email. Your subscribers will quickly learn that when they get an email from you, it's something they are going to want to read.

Drag and drop importing

If you already have a list, or want to add some new ones to an existing list, our website makes it a breeze. Simply click on the add subscribers link and then drag your file to your browser window. We'll automatically scrub your list for any duplicates, so you don't have to. Plus, you can easily export all reporting and subscriber data to Excel for offline storage or further analysis.

Personalize and customize

Get Personal

Our proprietary tags let you drop in information from your list database like a boss. You can personalize content, subject lines, and more with just a few clicks.

Add custom fields to your sign up form, and easily pull that data into your communications as well. And the best part is, we'll handle all the new signups, unsubscribes, bounces, and even spam reports. That will free you up to do what your customers need you for most.