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Hopefully, this site should be able to answer most of your questions. But in the event you are still left scratching your head about something, don't sweat it. Contact us and let us know your issue.

How long does it take to set up an account?

After you submit a request to become a member of Monsoon Mail, one of our friendly staff members will contact you via email to complete your account setup. Typically, you'll be up and running the same business day, however, should you be a night owl or a weekend warrior, please give us 1-2 business days to respond to your request.

Why do I need Monsoon Mail? Can't I send mass emails with Outlook?

If you want try and send your campaign through outlook or the like, be our guest. But chances are, your host or ISP won't allow the sending of mass emails. In addition, managing your bounce backs and unsubscribes becomes a full time job, and we know you've got better things to do. With Monsoon, you can track who opened your emails, when they opened it, and if they clicked any links. Pretty valuable information, no? Plus, Monsoon will help you look 100x more professional. It's a win-win with Monsoon.

I'm a rookie at sending emails. Do you offer support?

Monsoon mail is so user friendly, you should quickly be able to figure out how to use it. It also has a ton of helpful information built right in, and is accessible through the "Help" button once you're logged in to the system. Additionally, you can always drop us a line at for some of your trickier questions.

How can I get Monsoon Mail to integrate with my website?

There are two main ways to use Monsoon on your website. First, you can use Monsoon Mail to generate a simple form that can be placed throughout your website. Using this form, when a user signs up for your email list, the address will automatically be added to your subscriber list. The second way to integrate Monsoon with your site is to setup a feed that displays all of your past email campaigns. This allows website visitors to get an idea of what they're signing up for, and serves as an archive of your past email marketing content.

Can my email template look like my website?

Of course it can! While we offer a few basic templates to get you started, we're happy to design a custom template to better suit your needs. Simply contact us for a quote on a custom email template, and we'll make your wildest dreams come true.

I already have an email template designed, can I use it?

We don't see any reason why you couldn't! We'll just need to take a peek at it to make sure it's coded properly to meet our standards. There may be a small setup fee to get your account up and running, but let's take a look at what you have before we get into that.

What about SPAM?

Get real. If you've purchased a list, stolen a list, made up a list, etc... We aren't the service for you. Please read our anti spam policy, or you can email us with any questions regarding your lists at